First Baptist Church of Pinetop
Monday, February 24, 2020
Won by One

09-01-2019 Hezekiah, Continuing the Fire

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Posted 5 months ago by Anonymous
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Posted 5 months ago by Anonymous
Thank you so much to this sermon which gave me a real lesson of humanity and tolerance. Click on this site to find further information. I assume I certainly have completed a noble paintings of taking note of your sermon. I am very thankful to for sharing such precious facts with us.
Posted 5 months ago by Anonymous
Listening this exquisite sound from this kind of delightful voice has filled my heart with joy pleasant . I more often than not focus such messages on the beginning of the day all together that my heart remained load up with the musings of God throughout the day. It causes me in staying nearer to the God.
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Sermon by Pastor Coy Brewer